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Terminal Simulator

Terminal Simulator
Version: 31126.43.6
: The Terminal Simulator represents an implementation of Mastercard Contactless and EMVCo contact reader functionality. It contains many profiles including a selection of standard profiles, and all test profiles and associated data to conduct contact and contactless type approval testing (and so can be used as a reference for a real terminal development). It supports all data authentication (SDA/DDA/CDA) and cardholder verification methods (Online PIN, Offline Plaintext and Encrypted PIN, Signature). It also contains an experimental kernel that allows non standard functionality (such as forcing an online transaction) and also supports basic magnetic stripe processing. It contains functionality to connect to a network/ Issuer Simulator such as the MasterCard MAS or MDFS Simulator using the CAD2HOST protocol (ISO8583-93 based) for authorisation requests. NOTE however that the terminal simulator is not required as part of NIV testing, and in fact must not be used for this purpose.
: Complete update in line with contact and contactless specifications. Expires January 2019 (Requires Activation Extension 2020 download, available on the home page).