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Terminal Simulator (Kit)

Terminal Simulator (Kit)
£175.00 (Shipping included. VAT included if applicable)
Version: 1.0.40
: A kit comprising a PC/SC card reader and the Terminal Simulator software on a CD. The functionality of the simulator was originally based on the 1.3 version of our PayPass specifications but has been re-engineered to incorporate much of the v3 reader functionality such as the ability to perform high value (two tap) mobile transactions and also M/Chip Advance Data storage operations. It supports all data authentication (SDA/DDA/CDA) and cardholder verification methods (Online PIN, Offline Plaintext and Encrypted PIN, Signature) and can be used for contact transactions as well, although the contact functionality has not been specifically written to EMV4.3. It contains functionality to connect to a network/ Issuer Simulator such as the MasterCard MAS or MDFS Simulator using the CAD2HOST protocol (ISO8583-93 based) for authorisation requests. NOTE however that the terminal simulator is not required as part of NIV testing, and in fact must not be used for this purpose.
: Ability to read transaction log file, online processing enhancements including improved communication reliability, minor bug fixes